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Stewards of the Ferry Landing Trail

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Saco Bay Trails has always been fortunate to have wonderful volunteers. This includes the residents of the Ferry Landing neighborhood adjacent to the Ferry Landing Trail.

The Ferry Landing Trail starts and ends on Ferry Road a few hundred yards west of Camp Ellis. The 0.7-mile loop passes through a mixed hardwood-softwood forest and features three large tupelo trees typically found in more southern climates.

Saco Bay Trails member Charlie Garland and his neighbors walk this trail often and regularly inspect the boardwalks along this trail. A couple of times a year Charlie also organizes a group work party with his neighbors and they head out to replace broken or rotten boards with materials provided by Saco Bay Trails. Their most recent event was on Wednesday, October 18th, and five residents of Ferry Landing replaced twenty-six boards on the boardwalk bringing their total to 46 boards replaced this year!

Thank you to Steve Schuster, Wayne Larochelle, Mogens Ravn, Ann & Charlie Garland, and all the residents of Ferry Landing for being wonderful caretakers for this unique trail!

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