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Share your Talents with Us!

There's plenty to do for everyone at a Saco Bay Trails event, no matter what you have for skills or time, so don't be shy! Below is a partial list of what you might expect to find us doing:

  • Cutting brush

  • Building bridges and boardwalks

  • Raking and smoothing trail beds

  • Hauling materials

  • Posting signs

  • Painting and staining


We also need help with less physically demanding (but equally important!) administrative tasks such as bookkeeping, legal assistance, newsletter/mailings preparation, and booth staffing at events.

Work/Walk Parties

On the second Saturday of every month, we combine a maintenance work party with a group walk on one of our trails.

Everyone is welcome! Those who want to work, can work. Those who want to walk, can walk. Coffee and donuts will be provided.
Work/Walk Parties will give everyone an opportunity to help keep our trails open, clean, and available to the public — and give our members a chance to spend time together on the trails.
A regular schedule will make it easy for you to plan ahead. Bring your friends, family, or guests. You don’t have to be a member of Saco Bay Trails.

Current Volunteer Opportunities


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