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Saco's Salt Marsh Gets a Makeover. Rachel Carson NWR Launches Restoration Project

The Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) is bringing new life to Saco's salt marsh! Starting on January 15th and continuing for two weeks, an excavator and a small crew will be actively engaged in restoration efforts from the Atlantic Way Trail between Seaside Avenue and the arched bridge. This exciting project aims to revitalize the marsh, enhancing biodiversity, reducing flooding, and controlling pesky mosquitoes.

All visitors need to respect the ongoing restoration work in the area. If accessing the trail from Seaside Avenue, it's advised to get the workers' attention before proceeding into their work area. However, it's reassuring to note that there will be no work conducted between the Atlantic Way trailhead and the arched bridge, ensuring minimal disruption to visitors enjoying the natural beauty of the refuge.

The salt marsh ecosystem restoration project aims to address infrastructure and hydrology deterioration challenges. One significant piece will be the removal of broken concrete culvert pieces from the stream, which will allow unobstructed flow and, hopefully, reduce instances of flooding.

Broken culverts and the roadbed act as a dam, choking the vital flow of water through the marsh. This creates a triple threat: mosquito breeding grounds, stressed plants from oversaturation, and land subsidence, a fancy way of saying the ground sinks as the marsh compresses under the weight of stagnant water. To revive this ecosystem, the project will remove these blockages and reconnect the marsh to its natural water flow, restoring health and vitality.

Future restoration plans also include the creation of two additional cuts through the roadbed to re-establish the hydrological connectivity of the ecosystem. These cuts could take the form of culverts or open channels with bridges spanning the channels. This would help to restore a more natural flow of water, reducing mosquito production and enhancing the health of the marshland.

It's great to see Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge restoring Saco's salt marsh. It is a beacon of hope for this delicate ecosystem. By tackling infrastructure issues and reconnecting the marsh to its natural flow, they're not just helping local wildlife thrive, they're securing the long-term health of this vital habitat for generations to come.

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