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Help us repair Atlantic Way Trail!

May 7th @ 9am

Meet at Seaside Ave. trailhead (or walk down from the other end)

One of the most popular trails in Saco, Atlantic Way Trail, was damaged over the winter by flooding in the Rachel Carson preserve. We made an emergency fix to the bridge near Seaside Avenue, but still need to do more to prevent additional damage in the future.

Our first Work/Walk Party of the year will be held on Saturday morning, May 7th, at 9am, to repair the damage at Atlantic Way Trail.

We will clear away debris built up on an old culvert under the bridge, which has been diverting water and eroding the stream bank, and reinforce the bridgehead with stones supplied by the City of Saco. (Thanks, DPW!)

Please bring rakes, pitchforks and similar tools to help clear the debris (and your own work gloves) if you have them. Other tools will be delivered to the site by Saco Bay Trails's new Mobile Trail Workshop.

Work/Walk Parties are sponsored by Saco Bay Trails every month (except August) until November. Everyone is welcome. Feel free to work, walk or both. Saco Bay Trails is an all-volunteer organization which maintains trails for public use around the Saco Bay area. If you are not already a member, you can join at

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