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Atlantic Way Bridge Restoration

We had more than 50 volunteers answer the call to help move a bridge on the Atlantic Way trail displaced by the nor’easter before Christmas.

The bridge, built by SBT Board member John Riordan, survived the storm but the combination of high tide, storm surge, and onshore winds floated the bridge roughly 60 feet UP the trail and into the trees. Fortunately, John inspected the bridge and determined it was not damaged and was still structurally sound.

The Board of Trustees then got to work to formulate a plan to get it back into place and we reached out to the community for help. Last Saturday, a large group of volunteers, including the entire UNE Men's Hockey team, lifted the bridge and carried it back into position reconnecting the Atlantic Way Trail to the Seaside Ave trailhead.

Here are a few pictures of the bridge before and after the volunteer effort on Saturday. There is also a great story about the Portland Press Herald about the bridge restoration effort.

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