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Saco Bay Trails New Mobile Trail Workshop

We are happy to announce that Saco Bay Trials added a new enclosed utility trailer to help further our mission to create and maintain recreational trails in the Saco Bay Area. During our board meeting in May 2021, the trustees discussed the idea of purchasing a utility trailer as a solution to combine all of our tools, materials, and supplies into a single place.

The organization had outgrown the storage unit we were renting and many of the organization’s tools and materials were stored offsite at various locations around Saco. Owning a trailer would give the organization a flexible storage solution and would save around $100 per month in rental fees.

The board assigned the task of further researching trailers to trustees Marty Birmingham and Ryan Gorman and during the July board meeting; Marty and Ryan presented their research. The board then discussed the pros and cons of owning a trailer and after much consideration, all members in attendance voted unanimously to move forward with acquiring a trailer.

In late July, Saco Bay Trails was able to purchase a 2015 EZ Hauler Enclosed 6’ x 12’ Aluminum Cargo trailer that is in excellent condition. The trailer meets all the needs of the organization and includes features such as:

  • All-Aluminum construction so it is lightweight and will not rust

  • Spring-assisted rear ramp door. This ramp can easily be open and closed and provides easy access to large equipment and materials

  • Side access door that allows for quick and convenient access to the inside of the trailer

  • Easily Towable. With a Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of 2990lbs, this single axle trailer can be towed by most SUVs, crossovers, and small trucks.

After purchasing the trailer, Marty and Ryan spent several weeks customizing the trailer’s interior to meet the organization’s needs, and the improvements they made used mostly donated or reclaimed materials. Now all of Saco Bay Trails’ tools, supplies, and equipment are in one place and can easily be transported to any trailhead for a work party. In addition, the trailer will pay for itself in just over four years by saving Saco Bay Trails the cost of renting a storage unit.

We can then display the trailer at upcoming community events to help raise interest in our mission and increase membership enrollment. The new trailer rolled into service for our last two work parties in 2021 at the new Mary Merrill trail and the Branch Brook Trail (scheduled to open officially in the spring of 2022). Our first impression is that we are very happy with how this trailer functions in the field and we are looking forward to developing this asset to help Saco Bay Trails fulfill its mission.

Please be on the lookout for the new Saco Bay Trails Mobile Workshop. We are coming to a trail near you in the Spring of 2022!!!

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