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Atlantic Way, Plymouth, & Vines Trails

These trails lead walkers into the Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge from two subdivisions that border the refuge marshland.  The Atlantic Way trail provides a fairly straight path from the Wildwood Drive subdivision through a portion of the wildlife refuge to Seaside Avenue. The Plymouth and Vines trails connect two different parts of the Plymouth Settlement subdivisions with the Atlantic Way Trail.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Saco Bay Trails cooperatively manage the trails that traverse the Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge Goosefare Brook Division. The trails are built and maintained by volunteers and members of Saco Bay Trails. 

Trail Rules

  • Trails are open from dawn until dusk.

  • Stay on marked trails and respect private property.

  • Follow all posted warnings and signs.

  • Keep your dog leashed and clean up all pet waste.

  • Leave No Trace & pack out all your trash.

  • No alcohol or tobacco.

  • No camping or campfires.

  • No motorized vehicles.


Trail Descriptions

Trail Map
Trails in Rachel Carson.JPG

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Atlantic Way Trail (0.9 miles)

This trail runs from the end of Atlantic Way (a cul-de-sac off Wildwood Drive) through parts of Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge to Seaside Avenue. From the Atlantic Way trailhead, the trail passes through a pleasant mix of young pine and white and gray birch. It’s not completely unexpected to come across deer or wild turkeys on this trail. Two-thirds of a mile along the trail, you will see a sign for Plymouth Trail, which intersects from the right (south). Continuing on Atlantic Trail, about 0.1 miles, the trail opens into the Goosefare Brook marsh. The trail continues on about another 0.2 miles through the marsh to Seaside Avenue. As you pass through the marsh, keep your eyes open for various species of ducks and an occasional heron.

Estimated walking time: 40 minutes (round trip)

Plymouth Trail (0.45 miles)

Marked with Reb blazes, this trail extends from the trailhead on Plymouth Drive, connects with Vines Trail, and terminates at the Atlantic Way Trail about halfway along its length. About 0.2 miles after starting on the trail you will come across a link trail leading to the right that connects to Vines Trail. Continue on to the left. The trail makes a shallow curve before connecting again with the link trail. Continue straight for 0.1 miles until you connect with the Atlantic Way Trail.

Estimated walking time: 15 minutes.

Vines Trail (0.38 miles)

The trail blazed in red, extends from the Vines Road trailhead to the short link trail that connects it with the Plymouth Trail.

Estimated walking time: 10 minutes.

Trailhead Information

Wildwood Drive Trailhead: From Main Street in downtown Saco, take ME Route 9 (Beach Street) 2.4 miles (becomes Ferry Road) and turn left onto Wildwood. Drive 0.6 mile on Wildwood and turn right onto Atlantic Way. You’ll see the trailhead kiosk directly ahead of you. Park on the shoulder.

Seaside Avenue Trailhead: Follow the above directions, but instead of turning on Wildwood, continue straight for another 0.4 mile and turn left on Bayview. Go 0.7 miles and turn left at the stop sign to get back onto ME Route 9 (now Seaside Avenue). Go 0.2 miles and look for the trailhead kiosk and a wide shoulder for parking on your left.

Plymouth Drive Trailhead: From Main Street in downtown Saco, take ME Route 9 (Beach Street) 2.8 miles and turn left onto Bayview Drive. In 0.3 miles, turn left onto Plymouth Drive. Travel 0.4 miles and look for the parking area and trail head kiosk on your left.

Vines Road Trailhead: Follow the directions for Plymouth Drive, but travel for 0.4 mile on Bayview before turning left onto Vines Road. In another 0.2 miles you will see the trail sign on your right. Park on the shoulder of Vines Road.

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