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Ted Wells Memorial Trail

This trail leads through a forest of white pines, red maples, and cinnamon ferns and transitions through an area of mixed shrubs and pitch pines, ending at an overlook of the salt marsh at Goosefare Brook.

Ted Wells Memorial Trail

The 0.4-mile Ted Wells Trail (marked with white blazes) starts on the property of the Oceanwood Camp and immediately crosses a series of short bog bridges as the trail crosses into the Rachel Carson Wildlife Refuge. The trail then turns right through the forest past a few informal paths before turning left towards Goosefare Brook. The trail again crosses a series of bog bridges before ending at the marsh overlook. Return along the same path.

This trail is one of many blazed by the late Ted Wells, a longtime resident of Ocean Park. He was an extraordinary naturalist, teacher, and musician who saw the importance of the salt marsh ecosystem and worked to preserve it. Ted originally named this trail the White Dot Trail for how it was marked with white blazes. When Saco Bay Trails rebuilt this trail in 2002-04 it was renamed in Ted's honor.

In 2017, Saco Bay Trails began dismantling the old wooden boardwalk due to its deterioration. This trail was rerouted in 2020 and now leads to a new overlook of the salt marsh at Goosefare Brook. There are plans to add a bench or viewing platform to the new overlook in the future.

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