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Ferry Landing Trail

This loop trail starts and ends on Ferry Road a few hundred yards west of Camp Ellis and features three large tupelo trees of the type normally found in southern climates. The trail passes through a mixed hardwood-softwood forest.

Ferry Landing Trail

Ferry Landing Trail: The trail proceeds into the woods along a dirt road, passing alongside the Ferry Landing subdivision on the west and a house on the east. After a few minutes the trail makes a sharp left turnoff the road into the woods. Shortly after entering the woods, hikers will find an extensive boardwalk that leads to a point where the trail divides. Walkers who pass to the right will soon find themselves on a second boardwalk, which also has a resting bench. Sitting on the bench and looking south, walkers can see the first tupelo tree amongst the other trees (about 85 feet from the boardwalk). After leaving the boardwalk, the trail curves to the left, where closer glimpses of the first tupelo can be seen on the walker’s left. Shortly, the trail leads to the second of the massive trees. A few feet farther is the second resting bench which offers a place to sit and view the third tupelo. The trail continues on, making a sharp left turn before returning to the point at which it split. Follow the trail back to the parking area.

Walther Pond Spur: Entrance to this spur is opposite the point where Ferry Landing Trail leaves the woods road. This trail leads hikers down a short path to theedge of a small vernal pool. There are two granite resting benches where walkers can contemplate the pond and its associated wildlife. This land was donated to Saco Bay Trails by sisters Sandra Greenier Chipman and Tamera Devine in honor of their grandmother Ina Walther, who once lived nearby and who enjoyed watching the birds attracted by the water.

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