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Rules and things you should know
Things you need to know and trail rules
  • There is no drinking water on the trails, nor are there toilets (except seasonally in Ferry Beach State Park);
  • Ticks are found throughout southern Maine. There is more information on dealing with them later in this guide;
  • Some landowners allow hunting on their property. We recommend you wear blaze orange clothing while hiking during hunting season;
  • Trails are open from dawn to dusk;
  • Smoking and alcohol are not allowed on the trails;
  • Camping and fires are not allowed on the trails;
  • Motorized vehicles such as ATVs are not allowed on the trails;
  • Pets are allowed on most trails on leashes no longer than four feet in length;
  • Pets are not permitted on The Nature ConservancyÕs Saco Heath Trail, in Laurel Hill Cemetery, nor at AudubonÕs Eastern Point Sanctuary;
  • Most of our trails are marked by vertical rectangular white blazes. A pair of blazes indicates a turn in the trail.
*Some landowners may permit snowmobiles during the winter.

  • It is always safest to hike with a partner or group;
  • Obey any warning signs along the trail;
  • Do not hike after dark;
  • Avoid electrical transmission and generating equipment;
  • Keep young children in your sight at all times;
  • During hunting season, wear blaze orange clothing;
  • Bring drinking water;
  • Bring insect repellent.

Respect this resource!
Please note that many of our trails are accessible only through the generosity of the landowner. Please respect this, or we may lose this precious resource. Follow the trail rules above and leave the land as you found it.

Do not make alterations to the trail without contacting Saco Bay Trails first.

A special note to geocachers: Please do not place caches on the trail without contacting Saco Bay Trails first. We need to receive permission from the landowner first before allowing this activity.